Oslotech, Inven2, Conventor and the University of Oslo host one of Norway’s largest science and technology events – the Cutting Edge festival. The festival is part of Oslo Innovation Week – Europe’s largest innovation convention and its biggest event.

At the Cutting Edge we present the latest breakthroughs in science, the most interesting innovations, and the most exciting startup companies to come out of the Norwegian research communities. It is a truly exciting event where Norway’s brightest researchers, technologists and entrepreneurs meet people from business, industry, government and media.


But why?

The main objective of the festival is to show how research, education, science and technology combined have a huge potential for value creation for our society, businesses and industries. Therefore our festival program presents solid and tangible projects; results from science that can be commercialized or already are; companies that are on the market and solutions implemented by established industry players.

They are all very much real, already existing and well-grounded. No fuzz. No mumbo jumbo.

We present hot topics and trends that are already fundamentally shaping our future or will be very soon. Still we have a predominance of Norwegian projects and solutions showing Norway’s contribution to the cutting edge world economy. Although we are a small country, with a small market and the Norwegian contribution to the world’s total research effort is under one percent, our ambition is to show more of the world-leading Norwegian research communities that we have. We must contribute to development and breakthroughs in the fields where we have our strengths. We must also be able to work with the best and bring home and utilize groundbreaking research results from world leading communities in other countries. To give context to the great work we do in Norway we invite handpicked international guest speakers and technology leaders, to present and showcase important and trending developments in science and technology from other parts of the world.


We believe interdisciplinarity is key

We ask all the speakers to talk about what it is about what they are doing that is “cutting edge”, and how can it benefit society and/or business? And by putting researchers and entrepreneurs on the same stage, we show how their work is connected. It is vital that we learn how to capitalize on great ideas in order to move forward on the path of new industry creation.

Cutting Edge is a jam session for the people creating Norway’s business plan after the oil runs out

We need scientists to make great inventions; technologists to make the inventions applicable and implement solutions; entrepreneurs to start companies based on these and bring the inventions to markets and investors, both private and public, to help fund the commercialization processes. We believe that in order for Norway to succeed in the future we have to have all of these different skilled people working together. And we get them gathered and talking at Cutting Edge.










Forskningsparken is Norway’s leading science park. Today more than 220 companies and research organizations have their offices and labs at Oslo Science Park. We are the initiator of Norway’s leading tech incubator StartupLab; Aleap – a health incubator; Share-lab a biotech incubator and the home of industrial networks like Norway Health Tech and The Life Science Cluster. Every year we organize and host many different events in our large in-house conference centre, bringing together students, researchers, enterpreneurs, people from industry, and investors. https://www.forskningsparken.no/

Inven2 is the next-generation innovation company, established to maintain and develop Norwegian innovations. Inven2 builds bridges between excellent research and the next generation technology based industry. Inven2 is the largest contributor in Norway within the field of commercialization of research, owned by the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, Norway’s largest and leading university and hospital representing pioneering research. Inven2s ambition is to build new businesses based on cutting-edge technology from their owners. www.inven2.com

The University of Oslo, founded in 1811, is a leading European university and Norway’s first and largest public institution of research and higher learning with 27 000 students and 6 000 employees today. UiO offers a great variety in study options and is one of the World’s Top 100 universities, according to the Shanghai World Ranking. With five Nobel Prize winners, UiO has a strong track record of pioneering research and scientific discovery. The University is strongly involved in the festival and also assuring the quality of the program.  www.uio.no

Oslo Innovation Week is the largest innovation convention in Europe, making it a significant meeting place to discuss opportunitites and practices for growth and innovation every year. Oslo Innovation Week is aimed at entrepreneurs, investors, creatives, developers and visionaries across an extensive variety of sectors such as tech, cultural industries, marketing and communication, health, energy, media, public institutions and more. oiw.no/