By Tekna

Welcome to Teknas debate on how we can create a new Norwegian aerospace strategy. The Norwegian aerospace industry generates more than 7 billion Norwegian crowns annually and accounts for 1.9% of the world’s total aerospace economy; it can therefore become a significant export industry for Norway. A few of the points we intend to highlight during the debate are the following: How can the government and other funding agencies prepare the way for increased business development in the aerospace industry? How can aerospace policy be created in order to contribute to growth, innovation, value creation and technology transfer in Norwegian high-tech businesses? Private individuals as well as other countries – including Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates and the UK – are investing in aerospace; can we afford not to? How will a Norwegian aerospace program contribute to Norway’s Science Promise?


A transformation of transport is just ahead of us. Digitalisation and a wave of new technologies will make transportation more efficient, smart and climate-friendly. These benefits are crucial for growth and value creation, but also generate new business opportunities for Norwegian industry and transporters. This section will provide show-cases on where Norwegian companies stand when it comes to developing smart solutions on the future logistics system, autonomous devices and intelligent infrastructure. How does business see the future of transport and which steps are taken to shape it?


*This debate will be held in Norwegian


Grensesprengende behandling
HansPetter Strifeldt, Direktør, kommunikasjon og samfunnskontakt, MSD Norge

Nye beslutningsverktøy – Digitaliseringens muligheter
Per Olav Vandvik, MD, Ph.D, Head of MAGIC research and innovation program

Helsedata for innovasjon og næringsutvikling         
Steinar Thoresen, Medisinsk direktør. AbbVie AS

Konkurransekraft gjennom avansert produksjonsmetoder                         
Bjørn Fuglaas, Adm. Direktør, GE Healthcare Norge

Oppspill til debatt
Veronica Barrabes, Adm. Direktør, Novartis Norge AS

Debatt: Hvordan er vi som samfunn rustet til å bli med på utviklingen?
Moderator: Karita Bekkemellem, Adm.dir. LMI

Per Olav Vandvik, MD, Ph.D, Head of MAGIC research and innovation program
Lars Jacob Hiim, Statssekretær Nærings-og Fiskeridepartementet (TBD)
Christine Korme, Direktør digitalisering og fornying, NHO-Abelia
Svein Stølen, Rektor UiO

By Huddly &

Let us get together to discuss how digitalisation and the “always-online” mentality is transforming our working lives. The definition of “office” is no longer limited to a cubicle and is no longer restricted to a physical space. Working from home or from co-working spaces has become more common than ever, but along with it has come a general divide about whether it is as effective as office-based work. Can one stay productive and professional while being at the cutting edge of digital transformation? How can we work together while being away from each other? Join us for an-hour long debate about the future of work.