University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is a leading European university and Norway’s largest. UiO is home to outstanding research and offers a great variety in study options.


Inven2 is an innovation company owned by the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital responsible for commercializing research results from our owners and the hospitals in our region. Our goal is to make research benefit society and to contribute to value creation.



IBM er et globalt selskap med virksomhet i over 170 land, og leverer bransjetilpassede løsninger for å kunne bidra med digitalisering og effektivisering av bedrifter, industrier og offentlig sektor i Norge.
IBM har stort fokus på innovasjon, og utvikler nye løsninger som forstår, vurderer og lærer basert på analyse av data og leverer bransjetilpassede, skybaserte og kognitive løsninger innen big data, analyse, sikkerhet, mobilitet og samhandling.
Vi utfordrer stadig hva som er teknologisk mulig, derfor er IBM det selskapet i verden som har oppnådd flest patenter i løpet av de siste 25 årene. Med mer enn 3000 forskere fordelt på 12 laboratorier spredt over seks kontinenter, er IBM Research et av de største og mest innflytelsesrike, forretningsdrevne forskningslaboratoriene i verden. Våre forskningsressurser bidrar til verdensledende systemer og programmer, og er også med kunder for å hjelpe dem med å utvikle sin virksomhet og bli mer innovative. Ny teknologi gjør det mulig å samle og analysere data på en måte som ikke har vært mulig tidligere.
Vårt hovedkontor ligger i Sundtkvartalet i Oslo sentrum, og vi har regionale kontor i Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen og Hamar.

Startup Lab


Norway Health Tech


VR Oslo

VR Oslo is an IVRPA Nordic event, a collaboration between ADAPA Systems AS, the IVRPA-International Virtual Reality Photographers Association and Oslo Tech AS.


Norwegian Industrial Property Office

Do you want to learn more about how intellectual property rights (IPR) can help you secure investments and competitive positions? The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (Patentstyret) handles trademark, design and patent applications in Norway. Join our courses, get free guidance, and contact us for a variety of searches and examinations within technological developments. – Help us find the next outstanding inventor! Visit our stand in the Expo area and nominateyour favourite innovator for the European Inventor Award 2019.





eMotorWerks provides Charging Hardware and a software platform to manage EV charging. The most important feature is using EVs a balancing resources for the grid, including local, utility territories, and with DSO’s such as NVA.

Blue Ocean Robotics



Life Science Cluster


What is Elife?
Elife is handmade innovation.
Our CTO design and handmake some of the most high tech and ergonomically comfortable ebikes in the world.



Norsk Romsenter



Silicia is an incubator for tech companies located in Vestfold. At the stand two of the companies from our environment will present their products in addition to a representative from the Incubator.

NTNU revolve


Playpulse turns exercise into a fully-fledged video gaming experience by transforming the fitness bike into a game controller. Our ambition is to battle sedentary lifestyles across the globe by enabling the same addictively fun, retention-building dynamics that video games intrinsically use in order to boost exercise motivation




About the Expo

At the Cutting Edge Expo you get to experience handpicked projects from innovative start-ups and companies. The exhibition reflects our program where we showcase hot topics and trends that are already fundamentally shaping our future.


  • UiO

  • Inven2

  • Forskningsparken

  • IBM

  • StartupLab

  • Tekna

  • Norway Health Tech

  • Xvision

  • Visualiz

  • Tidvis

  • NextGen

  • Goontech

  • Norconsult

  • Sørlandet Sykehus

  • VR Oslo

  • Sintef

  • Norwegian Industrial Property Office

  • Aleap

  • abbvie

  • wheelme

  • eMotorWerks

  • Rainfall

  • Filmskolen

  • NFI-Lab

  • Adapa360/VROslo

  • Øystein Runde

  • Mobility Lab

  • ShareLab

  • The Life Science Cluster

  • Elife

  • OsloMet

  • Nofence

  • Norsk Romsenter

  • The Research Council of Norway

  • Silicia

  • NTNU revolve

  • Ciber

  • Media Monday

  • VRDen

  • Ciber Experis

Want to exhibit?

If you are working on innovative solutions within a field of this years program topics we invite you to apply for a stand at Cutting Edge 2019.

5 reasons to exhibit

1. Build your brand

Be part of a unique event dedicated to science, technology and innovation. Use this platform to increase your name recognition and strengthen your image side by side with the foremost organisations and research communities in Norway. You have the opportunity to generate publicity and enhance your profile as a trusted innovative brand.

2. Enhance your knowledge

Enjoy unprecedented access to great scientific and technical content, workshops and debates. Discover valuable new ideas, market research, industry trends and knowledge to give your company a competitive edge.

3. Fresh faces

Tired of seeing the same people at the same conferences all the time? The Cutting Edge audience is quite diverse and consists of a great blend of scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, tech enthusiasts, leaders in high-tech companies, product developers, designers, engineers, students, decision makers from the public sector and many more. Meeting new prospects and engaging face to face is also the fastest way to build relationships.

4. Keep up on industry trends

Get an overview of key players and technology developers not only in your own field, but interdisciplinary.

5. Take advantage of international media coverage

Not only the 1400 plus visitors are interested in new technologies, new trends, and new opportunities – the media representatives reporting live on location are as well. This is a unique chance for you as an exhibitor to draw the attention of the press to your innovations and solutions.

Cutting Edge Expo Photo Gallery