Stargate Media

Stargate Media specializes in the creation and delivery of high end interactive 360° video. Through the development of software and hardware to power their productions, they offer tightly integrated 360° experiences via the web, mobile, and installations.


Acheta is a Norwegian start-up creating flour from crickets. Containing iron, omega 3 and protein up to 68% this is a viable source of nutriton in our future diet. Use it in bread, mix it in a smoothie or make crispy cricket chips.

The Northern Company

The Northern Company is an award winning Norwegian company who harvest and sells seaweed from the North Atlantic Ocean. They harvest their wild norwegian seaweed in the cold and pristine waters of the Træna archipelago; unique, remote and stunningly beautiful.

Saga Robotics

Saga Robotics has developed an innovative and intelligent solution for more efficient and sustainable agriculture. Their first prototype, Thorvald, is a low-cost and light-weight agricultural robot that will be showcased during the expo.

Bistro In Vitro

Bistro In Vitro is a fictitious restaurant with a menu of in vitro dishes that may one day end up on your plate. By exploring and pushing the boundaries of our food culture they want to do away with the idea that cultured meat is an inferior meat substitute.

Urban Cultivator

Urban Cultivator and their indoor gardening appliance allows you to grow healthy and organic vegetables, herbs and microgreens in any kitchen. Come to Cutting Edge to see their urban solution and try out som fresh produce.

Netlife Research


Norð is a Norwegian Coffee Roaster & Bakery buying coffee from independent small farms. They get coffee themselves or from from quality suppliers and focus on transparency and trackability of the product.

Tarpon Solar

Tarpon Solar specializes in flexible solar cells reinforced by membrane technology for commercial, public and private use. Our solar membranes are light, strong and long lasting, and combine the advantages of capturing renewable solar energy with providing protection against the sun, wind and rain. They can be used as stand-alone structures, awnings, on a tent framework and many other applications where traditional solar panels are not suitable.


Acheta is a Norwegian start-up creating flour from crickets. Containing iron, omega 3 and protein up to 68% this is a viable source of nutriton in our future diet. Use it in bread, mix it in a smoothie or make crispy cricket chips.


Finwe Ltd. is an agile software company. They provide mobile research and development services and products globally. Their focus is on groundbreaking mobile sensing and 3D user interaction solutions, such as 360° videos.


VR Oslo

VR Oslo is an IVRPA Nordic event, a collaboration between ADAPA Systems AS, the IVRPA-International Virtual Reality Photographers Association and Oslo Tech AS.

Adapa 360º

The ADAPA companies are focused on bringing about the change in how we experience our surroundings, using specially designed cameras and immersing the viewer using virtual reality technologies.


Philosofie is a Norway based VR company making 3D visualisations for real estate companies. They use storytelling as a tool to immerse the viewer into a virtual experience, letting people attend showings in a virtual open house.

University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is a leading European university and Norway’s largest. UiO is home to outstanding research and offers a great variety in study options.


Simula Research Laboratory’s main objective is to create knowledge about fundamental scientific challenges that are of genuine value for society. Important research with long-term impact in the fields of communication systems, scientific computing and software engineering constitutes the basis of Simula. The strong focus on basic research is combined with both teaching of postgraduate students and the development of commercial applications.


Inven2 is an innovation company owned by the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital responsible for commercializing research results from our owners and the hospitals in our region. Our goal is to make research benefit society and to contribute to value creation.




Norwegian Space Centre



Norwegian Industrial Property Office

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (Patentstyret) handles applications for patents, trademarks and designs in Norway to secure investments and competitive positions. We offer courses and free guidance on the importance of intellectual property rights (IPR) and how they can be protected and utilised to create value. In addition we carry out a variety of searches and examinations to provide information on technological developments. Contact us to increase your knowledge of intellectual property rights and values.



The International Virtual Reality Photography Association is an international association of professionals who create and produce 360° interactive, immersive experiences.




Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

About the Expo

At the Cutting Edge Expo you get to experience handpicked projects from innovative start-ups and companies. The exhibition reflects our program where we showcase hot topics and trends that are already fundamentally shaping our future.


  • Adapa 360

  • Acheta

  • Aleap

  • Aventi

  • Avinor – Made in Norway

  • Bistro in Vitro

  • Girl Geek Dinner Oslo

  • Finwe

  • IBM

  • Innovation Norway

  • Inven2

  • Kaist – Hubo

  • Kongsberg

  • Netlife Research

  • NHO

  • Nord

  • Northern Company

  • Nortura

  • Norway Healt Tech

  • Norwegian Industrial Property Office

  • Norwegian Space Centre

  • Omnicibus


  • Philosofie

  • ReWalk

  • Saga Robotics

  • Samsung

  • Simula

  • Sintef

  • Stargate Media

  • Startup Israel

  • Tarpon Solar

  • Tekna

  • Telenor

  • The Research Council of Norway

  • UiO

  • Urban Cultivator

  • VR Oslo

Want to exhibit?

If you are working on innovative solutions within a field of this years program topics we invite you to apply for a stand at Cutting Edge 2017. Topics: Future Food, Enhancing HumansSpace, Brain & Aging, Health & Medtech, Energy & Cleantech, Smart Cities & Transport, Digital Life.

Avinor – Made in Norway

Cutting Edge is collaborating with Avinor – Made in Norway. They want to showcase 5 companies registered in the Made in Norway portal. Are you working on a project that can benefit Norway in the future? Register your contribution for a chance to stand with Avinor – Made in Norway at the Cutting Edge Expo!

Apply to Avinor – Made in Norway here
Registration ends the 21st of August.


Apply for a stand at Cutting Edge Expo 2017

5 reasons to exhibit

1. Build your brand

Be part of a unique event dedicated to science, technology and innovation. Use this platform to increase your name recognition and strengthen your image side by side with the foremost organisations and research communities in Norway. You have the opportunity to generate publicity and enhance your profile as a trusted innovative brand.

2. Enhance your knowledge

Enjoy unprecedented access to great scientific and technical content, workshops and debates. Discover valuable new ideas, market research, industry trends and knowledge to give your company a competitive edge.

3. Fresh faces

Tired of seeing the same people at the same conferences all the time? The Cutting Edge audience is quite diverse and consists of a great blend of scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, tech enthusiasts, leaders in high-tech companies, product developers, designers, engineers, students, decision makers from the public sector and many more. Meeting new prospects and engaging face to face is also the fastest way to build relationships.

4. Keep up on industry trends

Get an overview of key players and technology developers not only in your own field, but interdisciplinary.

5. Take advantage of international media coverage

Not only the 1400 plus visitors are interested in new technologies, new trends, and new opportunities – the media representatives reporting live on location are as well. This is a unique chance for you as an exhibitor to draw the attention of the press to your innovations and solutions.


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