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Stargate Media

Stargate Media specializes in the creation and delivery of high end interactive 360° video. Through the development of software and hardware to power their productions, they offer tightly integrated 360° experiences via the web, mobile, and installations.


Acheta is a Norwegian start-up creating flour from crickets. Containing iron, omega 3 and protein up to 68% this is a viable source of nutriton in our future diet. Use it in bread, mix it in a smoothie or make crispy cricket chips.

The Northern Company

The Northern Company is an award winning Norwegian company who harvest and sells seaweed from the North Atlantic Ocean. They harvest their wild norwegian seaweed in the cold and pristine waters of the Træna archipelago; unique, remote and stunningly beautiful.

Saga Robotics

Saga Robotics has developed an innovative and intelligent solution for more efficient and sustainable agriculture. Their first prototype, Thorvald, is a low-cost and light-weight agricultural robot that will be showcased during the expo.

Bistro In Vitro

Bistro In Vitro is a fictitious restaurant with a menu of in vitro dishes that may one day end up on your plate. By exploring and pushing the boundaries of our food culture they want to do away with the idea that cultured meat is an inferior meat substitute.

Urban Cultivator

Urban Cultivator and their indoor gardening appliance allows you to grow healthy and organic vegetables, herbs and microgreens in any kitchen. Come to Cutting Edge to see their urban solution and try out som fresh produce.



Tarpon Solar

Tarpon Solar specializes in flexible solar cells reinforced by membrane technology for commercial, public and private use. Our solar membranes are light, strong and long lasting, and combine the advantages of capturing renewable solar energy with providing protection against the sun, wind and rain. They can be used as stand-alone structures, awnings, on a tent framework and many other applications where traditional solar panels are not suitable.


Omnicibus is an Oslo-based company bringing cutting-edge hydroponic solutions to the Nordic countries, providing products, services and technology to improve the quality and yield of vegetables, herbs and berries using hydroponic solutions.


Toyota Norge AS is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA (TME) that oversees the sales and marketing of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, parts and accessories, and Toyota’s European manufacturing and engineering operations. Toyota directly employs around 20,000 people in Europe and has invested over EUR 9 billion since 1990. In 2016, Toyota sold 928,500 Toyota and Lexus vehicles in Europe.


The International Virtual Reality Photography Association is an international association of professionals who create and produce 360° interactive, immersive experiences.

VR Oslo

VR Oslo is an IVRPA Nordic event, a collaboration between ADAPA Systems AS, the IVRPA-International Virtual Reality Photographers Association and Oslo Tech AS.

Adapa 360º

The ADAPA companies are focused on bringing about the change in how we experience our surroundings, using specially designed cameras and immersing the viewer using virtual reality technologies.


Philosofie is a Norway based VR company making 3D visualisations for real estate companies. They use storytelling as a tool to immerse the viewer into a virtual experience, letting people attend showings in a virtual open house.

University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is a leading European university and Norway’s largest. UiO is home to outstanding research and offers a great variety in study options.

The Simula Garage

The Simula Garage (Gründergarasjen in Norwegian) is an initiative from Simula Research Laboratory that gives ambitious technology entrepreneurs the possibility to work in a free office space in co-location with other entrepreneurs, and researchers. It is a working and breathing space for turning ideas into successful businesses. Simula provides access to the co-working space for up to one year, during which entrepreneurs may get support in fields such as IT, business development, legal issues, technology protection and soft funding. Furthermore, Simula arranges academic and social events for the entrepreneurs.


Inven2 is an innovation company owned by the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital responsible for commercializing research results from our owners and the hospitals in our region. Our goal is to make research benefit society and to contribute to value creation.




Norwegian Space Centre

The Norwegian Space Centre is a government agency under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. We promote and coordinate national space activities and support Norwegian interests in the European Space Agency and in European space programmes.

Kongsberg Space & Defence


Norwegian Industrial Property Office

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (Patentstyret) handles applications for patents, trademarks and designs in Norway to secure investments and competitive positions. We offer courses, free guidance, and carry out a variety of searches and examinations to provide information on technological developments. Join us on the search for the next outstanding inventor! To nominate your favourite innovator for the European Inventor Award 2018 visit our stand in the Expo area.



Startup Lab

Norway Health Tech


Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus


Use our bioinformatics tools to enable personalized medicine, putting patients first! You are welcome to try our clinical trial app, and know more about our software.


Climate-KIC Accelerator is the world’s largest accelerator program for cleantech startups. Our main focuses are decision metrics and finance, sustainable land use, sustainable production systems and urban transition. Startups are supported with up to 95.000 EUR for business development in addition to coaching, thematic seminars/masterclasses and European network opportunities.


Aventi has taken a front seat role in the C-ITS development efforts in Norway. C-ITS means Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, and is the European Union’s future system for digital traffic infrastructure where all vehicles and all roads talk the same language. Roll out of C-ITS will start in 2019, and Aventi is ready. Visit our stand at the Cutting Edge Festival in Oslo September 26th 2017 to learn more, and to participate in a live demo with our remote controlled cars.


The digitalization brings an ecosystem of eyewear which make our daily work into a more effective and helpful way. Pointmedia develops augmented reality systems for offshore oil, gas for field use and educational systems for our next generation students.

Impact Reality

Impact Reality delivers immersive VR experiences with data harvesting and analytics to enhance your business goals.


BySpire want to reduce imports of vegetables and herbs, as well as improve the selection and quality on the Norwegian market. It will do so by growing vegetables and herbs all year round, using the latest vertical farming technology. BySpire will mainly sell its products to grocery stores, and the HORECA-sector.


FRESK is a nutritious meal in ice cream form. The ice cream a balanced ratio of proteins, minerals, vitamins and fat in order to reduce inflammation and give the body nutritional calories. The philosophy is to make use of fat as a source of calories (energy) rather than carbohydrates, like in traditional ice cream. Therefore, all the ice creams contain ingredients with low blood sugar impact, so that the body can absorb and make use of the good fat. It is also emphasized to Include fiber, iron and vitamin C. Eggs and nuts are used as protein sources, while egg yolks provide a wide range of important nutrients.r.


Depict provides online tools for patient-centric information about medicines.


Norgenotech provides genotoxicity testing of chemicals & drugs, monitor the environment and develop diagnostic tools for assessing DNA damage in patients at the level of single cells.


Safety365 takes your safety serious. Speeding up the time it takes to get help in emergency situations using the latest technology within personal devices and UAV.


Hjemmelegene uses new technology to reintroduce the doctor house call, offering a platform to connect patients with doctors in the same area

Lion Healthcare

Lion Healthcare develops and commercializes diabetic nutrition that limits blood glucose rise after a meal and reduce cholesterol without side effects

Prediktor Medical

Prediktor Medicals product BioMKR, is a non invasive continuous glucose monitoring device for hassle-free diabetes management


Better AS produces Health Apps. We focus on people with chronic disease such as asthma, allergies, eczema, cfs, fibromyalgia, IBS, IBD and other food regulated diseases.

Eyecheck Systems

Secure digital communication platform between opticians and ophtalmologist for fast and reliable diagnosis of eye diseases and conditions.

NCE Media

The NCE Programme is established to enhance sustainable innovation and internationalization processes in the most dynamic and growth-oriented Norwegian clusters. The programme supports long-term development processes in the clusters based on collaboration between industry, R&D and the public sector. Fourteen clusters have so far been selected and given status as a NCE project. The NCE Programme is jointly owned and implemented by the three main Norwegian innovation agencies: Innovation Norway, the Research Council of Norway and SIVA, with Innovation Norway having the main responsibility.


Decon-X is a Norwegian manufacturer and supplier of automated disinfection solutions. The company launced the first version of its automated disinfection machine, DX1 in late 2014. Development and tests started in 2006 with the mission to develop an advanced disinfection machine with process monitoring capabilities for automated disinfection of hospitals and nursing homes.


Listen is a Norway based startup developing new solutions to provide hearing care everywhere, for everyone, in all kinds of environments through its easy to use mobile app called MobileEars. With MobileEars, Listen wants to lower cost and access related barriers of standard medical hearing aids.


Hy5 is a Norwegian prosthetic limb company; bringing to market the world’s first hydraulic actuated, mind controlled, hand prosthesis. Many years of passion driven innovation has been invested in creating a hand prosthetic with optimal functionality – at a reasonable price.


Otivio AS is a privately owned company based in Oslo, Norway. The company was founded in 2010 based on IP, prototypes and clinical data developed at University of Oslo. The core technology enables increased blood flow to the limbs of a patient. Otivio’s main product, FlowOx™, is addressing peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which is a serious condition leading to pain, chronic wounds and in many cases amputation and mortality.


SoftOx has developed a non-toxic and highly efficient antiseptic technology which eradicates and prevents biofilm infections. Biofilm is found in more than 80 percent of chronic wounds and prevents wound healing.


DronePlan has created new way to maintain and inspect hard-to-reach assets, a flight planning software for carrying out complex surveying projects with the minimum time and effort.


Trace Shooting has developed a gadget that helps to train at shooting. The company manufactures a sensor, named TRACE which tracks shots, as well as the related software that provides essential data for analysis and improvement of shooting technics.

The technology supports the majority of shooting disiplines and targets and is suitable for all type of users: professionals, leisure, sportsman, defense professions & hunters.


Aerones has accomplished the world’s first human flight with the drone and jump at high altitude. 28-propeller drone built by Aerones has lifted a skydiver at a height of 330 metres, from where he accomplished the planned jump and landing with parachute.

Successful achievement shows the reliability and lifring-ability of the drone technology that approves unlimited possibilities for its use in saving people, fire-fighting, sports and entertainment.


Advangrid is developing high-performance energy resource monitoring solutions for fast and precise evaluation of power and consumption.

The GRIDLINK device enables to measure electrical parameters of an electrical network and the device connected to it to receive the measurement data to online analysis and visualization system.

Amber Housing

Cloud solution for house management & communication with citizens.

Amber Housing is dynamic Latvian start-up which has created a house management software. The solution allows to fully digitalize property management company processes, enabling to make wise and fast decisions from data.

The solution includes benefits such as home budget reports, carrying out technical inspections and adding binding documents.

Intelligent Systems

Intelligents Systems offers a full cycle telemetry solution to more than 3000 customers. With 10 years of experience, the company specializes in GPS tracking, fuel control, touring, task management and electromanagement.


Alina produces state-of-the-art clay mineral materials, available for building product manufactureres. This eco mineral material substitutes toxic chemicals in paint and coating products, reproducing enviromental pollution and improving people’s health and wellbeing.

Alina’s powder is added during paint manufacturing process, representing 3% of the final product, after pigments, solvents and binders. ALINA LIFE is zero leaching, non-toxic, non-allergic and low CO2 material. It improves paint and coating material durability.

Alternative Plants

Alternative Plants is biotech start-up focusing on establishment of plant stem cell cultures from rare and endangered medicinal plants. Plant stem cell cultures are used for sustainable and consistent production of botanical active ingredients.

The company’s technology is the only way to make rare inaccesible ingredients accesible to the industry.

Alternative Plants’s primary market is cosmetic actice ingredients. Products standardized plant cell extracts with characterized chemical composition and proven efficacy, are sold to cosmetic manufacturers and ingredient distributors.

UiOslo iGEM 2017: LASIER

UiOslo iGEM 2017 is based in the University of Oslo, and have taken up the challenge to make a yeast-based biological laser, or biolaser. On wikipedia, a laser, is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. The term “laser” originated as an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. The iGEM team of biologists and physicists have made this possible using green fluorescent protein (GFP) as the gain medium. GFP is a protein that absorbs light and emits light with lower energy. The GFP is actively produced by transgenic yeast (S. pombe). The pinhole of the laser is equiped with a filter that only allows the emitted light to pass, making the output of the apparatus monochromatic.


Einride has created a transport system based on T-pods: electric, self-driving transport vehicles.  Einride’s mission is to drive the development towards a sustainable society by reducing CO2 emissions from the transport industry.  Together with customers and partners, Einride is installing the world’s first emission-free, road-based heavy transport system.

eSmart Systems

eSmart Systems develops digital intelligence for the energy industry and smart communities. The company is based on more than 20 years of international experience in establishing and operating knowledge based, leading IT and energy related companies targeting global markets.

We provide software solutions to the energy industry, service providers and smart cities. Our platform is designed to handle and exploit the Internet of Things, Big Data and Analytics in real time. It has broad application possibilities that give grid operators insight into their distribution network, make energy trade between local market prosumers possible, and monitoring city air quality easy. Common to all applications is vast data quantities gathered from sensors, which are analyzed using advanced prediction and optimization models. This results in completely new ways of visualizing data, making decisions and saving resources and costs. The platform is designed for Big Data from the ground up without legacy.

eSmart Systems originates from the renowned IFE environment (Institute for Energy Technology). The company was founded in 2012 by an experienced team previously responsible for large IT service exports including delivery of the world’s first power exchange to Nord Pool, the Nordic Power Exchange, in 1991. Since 2012 the company has grown rapidly and currently consists of almost 80 employees with offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany, the US, Singapore.


The idea behind the SpermVital technology is to extend the life of spermatozoa after insemination. To achieve this, sperm cells are immobilized in a natural substance before cryopreservation. This immobilization preserves energy and enables a controlled release of sperm cells in the uterus after insemination over an extended period of time. This makes timing of insemination less critical with regards to ovulation in the female, and increases the odds of fertilization success.

HP Norge

Our vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere — every person, every organization, and every community around the globe. This motivates us — inspires us — to do what we do. To make what we make. To invent, and to reinvent. To engineer experiences that amaze. We won’t stop pushing ahead, because you won’t stop pushing ahead. You’re reinventing how you work. How you play. How you live. With our technology, you’ll reinvent your world.”

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s main instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. We give local ideas global opportunities by helping companies develop their capabilities and competitive advantages.


An established and leading supplier of digital water and wastewater solutions in Norway, the last few years have seen the company make big leaps towards next generation water solutions. An increased focus on innovation has led to a number of cloud-based solutions that utilise IoT, Big Data analysis and machine learning. This includes Water Alert, which uses a machine-learning model to help fight water losses.

Founded in Trondheim in 1996, Powel has grown to be an international corporation with staff numbering 470 and offices in seven countries. Powel develops business-critical software solutions for both private and public sector and is committed to creating solutions that contribute to sustainable and smarter cities.


Sharebox is app controlled key cabinets, placed at central located convenience stores to solve your key exchange challenges once and for all. The service is completely managed by the Sharebox app, allowing you to handle and follow the exchange on your phone, from delivery to return. No codes, passwords or other keys or tags are required. Simply use your phone to rent a box, share access with your contacts and get notified when the keys are picked up and returned. Central locations with 24-hour service makes Sharebox easy to find and available 24/7. A simple and flexible web interface makes it easy to use and enables integration with our business customers and partners. Our service is highly appreciated by Airbnb and car rentals.

Sharebox started as an idea on the plane to New York. The founder, Arne Eivind Andersen wanted to lend an apartment from a friend, but ended in a hotel in lack of a safe and convenient key exchange service. He started to investigate – to see if there was a market for an electronically controlled storage cabinet that could be managed via your mobile phone. The result is Sharebox. Our head office is located in Arendal and we have a sales office in Oslo and Copenhagen. We have successfully launched the service at Narvesen, Deli de Luca and 7-Eleven in the major cities of Norway. Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Kristiansand and Arendal. We are now planning an international launch, starting in Denmark.

In Sharebox we find it rewarding to see how our simple utilization of new technology can solve an everyday challenge that saves our clients time, worries and money. Our service makes it easier to exploit opportunities in the sharing economy, avoid stress and unnecessary staffing just to hand over some keys. Sharebox simply releases time and resources for other more valuable activities. Use your time wisely – leave your key exchange to us.


Makeadrone is repairable and educational drone kits for schools and private use. The kits can be used in provident learning, family friendly activities or teambuilding.





Geoconsult is an internationally active engineering company. The range of services includes design, consulting and project management in all disciplines of infrastructure construction, such as civil and structural engineering, tunneling, geotechnics, water engineering, fire prevention and site supervision.

In Vienna, GCVISION is a specialized division with an interdisciplinary focus on 3D-GIS, visualization & simulation of complex technical circumstances. Since 2003, we have been offering unique visualization systems on the leading edge of technology, comprising a wide range of products and media. We are offering a unique and feature-rich real-time-viewer software, panoramic tours and expert knowledge for modeling and accompanying all kinds of infrastructure projects.



Ducky is a digital tool for engaging employees, measuring improvements and achieving sustainability goals. We support ambitious businesses in strengthening and communicating their sustainability strategy.

Sensible 4

We make complete vehicle automation systems that can cope harsh Nordic winter conditions and extreme environments.


The Research Council of Norway


Hidlock is an innovative company creating state of the art safety and mobility products for consumers using latest combined technologies in mechatronics, access control, bionics and personal mobility. We are the team of engineering professionals capable to infuse our core competences into advancing security and safety field and creating revolutionary products for personal security.



Cyber security startup in Vilnius, Lithuania. 800+ websites are using security and intelligence services, infrastructure management, cyber security supervision. EsteQ’s mission is to provide highest possible availability for clients to improve their business. Cyber security supervision (IDC, SOC) provided for enterprises all over North Europe, but DDoS protection is available global.


Enerstena Group

Enerstena Group is the leading Lithuanian developer, manufacturer and installer of biomass combustion technologies. In our Research and Development Center we are developing other green energy ideas also – biomethane production, carbon capture and storage, gasification


Uzupis Creative Cluster

Uzupis Creative Cluster is a non-profit limited liability public entity, established in 2010. Cluster is operating in Information and communication technologies (ICT), creative industries, cyber security, research and other fields


Enso Projects

Enso projects designs, installs, automates and implements project management of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, sewage and renewable energy source systems. Company ensures full service package of building engineering systems for customers as its team consists of experienced design, estimation, installation and project management specialists. Enso Projects specializes in building’s engineering systems as well as in renewable energy heating and cooling plants.



Ferentis is a biomaterials and biotechnology company involved in the development, production and commercialisation of biomimetic peptide- and protein-based scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Ferentis was established in Vilnius, Lithuania, by a group of scientists and entrepreneurs from Canada, Lithuania, Sweden and India. Our products are based on state-of-the-art research in the fields of hydrogel biomaterials, peptidomimetics, nanotechnology and tissue regeneration.The mission of Ferentis is to develop “smart” biomaterials that can promote regeneration of tissues and organs without the need for long-term immunosuppressive drugs. Also, Ferentis has developed products that are designed to mimic the biologically-interactive extracellular matrix in vitro. Ferentis’ current commercial focus is hydrogel products and kits for cell and tissue culture applications. Our self-supporting biocompatible hydrogels are available as sheets, membranes, multiwell plate inserts, also microfabricated for 3D assembly of tissue-mimetic structures. We will also assist our clients in custom-design of biomimetic materials as templates for stimulating regeneration of target tissues and organs for potential clinical application. Our products provide innovative solutions for professionals who are working in the fields of cell research, regenerative medicine, testing and production of drugs, cosmetic and other bioactive products.



Vildeta JSC, a Lithuanian capital company, founded in 1991,is one of the most modern metal manufacturers. The company produces high quality metal products. Our design team can construct any item, by your drawing. Part of our products is exported to the Baltic countries, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan.


Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA)

Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) is a national governmental organisation responsible for implementation of innovation policy in Lithuania. MITA implements various programmes, projects and initiatives designed to promote innovation, commercialization of R&D results, business and science cooperation.



Company name Elinta combines from two words – Electronics and Intelligence. Elinta companies group from Lithuania was founded in 1991 based on designing high-tech, disruptive electronics and automated control systems technology created by our engineer’s team which has been developed over a period of 25 years. The group working range: trading in automation elements, industry automation, electric vehicles, charging points, trading in measurement instruments, production of computer vision systems, electric drives for bicycles. Our core technologies range from production of automation systems, electronic components and cutting-edge image processing tools to electric mobility. Half of the revenue is earned from innovative businesses, where exports account for 30% of the total income. We sell our products in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Our 3-D image scanners are distributed in 32 countries worldwide and our automatic control systems are used in many energy objects and manufacturing companies in Lithuania.



AdSpyglass is ad networks mediation platform for publishers and website owners.


Baltic Education Cluster

Association “Baltic Education Cluster” was born in the family of the modern education system and the development of the nowadays progressive technology as the result of the strengthening drive of its unification to be able to achieve maximum effectiveness. The cluster comprises of the companies that run businesses in the following: information technologies, movie making, marketing, event planning and design. The cluster promotes healthy competition and provides the partners with potential to develop businesses based on the modern education technologies



Fácil is a mobile application that enables hotel guests to check-in, check-out and order whatever they need for a perfect stay. The application also enables hotels to provide location-based services and deliver orders directly to guests location. Fácil are members of The Simula Garage 2017/2018.



NHO’s association for knowledge and technology companies.


ZEISS Microscopy

ZEISS Microscopy
Your partner in cutting-edge microscopy

As a leading manufacturer of microscopes ZEISS offers inspiring solutions and services for your life sciences and materials research, education and clinical routine. Reliable ZEISS systems are used for manufacturing and assembly in high tech industries as well as exploration and processing of raw materials worldwide. Choose the ideal solution for your tasks and applications from a broad spectrum of light, confocal, electron and X-ray microscopes. Highly skilled and well trained application specialists support your work and make sure you get the most out of your investment.

ZEISS develops and distributes semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measuring technology, microscopes, medical technology, eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetarium technology. ZEISS is present in over 40 countries around the globe with more than 30 production sites, over 50 sales and service locations and about 25 research and development facilities. Founded in 1846 in Jena, the company now has its headquarters in Oberkochen in southwest Germany. Carl Zeiss AG is fully owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation (Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung).



HoPro specializes in high quality 3D holographic display manufacturing and can offer overall media installation solutions. HoPro aim is to create a lasting first impression of your product or service and attract attention of a potential customer or a partner.


Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania



Xvision Consulting is a specialist in the production of innovative and interactive digital content, with a focus on 3D design, storytelling and strategic communication.


Maritime Robotics

Maritime Robotics delivers unmanned vehicle systems for maritime data acquisition. The products covers markets like geophysical surveying and mapping, environmental monitoring and defense/security and is divided in three main product groups: Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs), Moored Balloon Systems (MBS) and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).


Maria Amelie – Alt eller ingenting

Nicolai Strøm-Olsen – Startup Israel

Girl Geeks Dinner


OREEC – Oslo Renewable Energy & Enviroment Cluster




About the Expo

At the Cutting Edge Expo you get to experience handpicked projects from innovative start-ups and companies. The exhibition reflects our program where we showcase hot topics and trends that are already fundamentally shaping our future.


  • Abelia

  • Acheta

  • Adapa 360º

  • AdSpyglass

  • Advangrid

  • Aerones

  • Aleap

  • Alternative Plants

  • Alina

  • Amber Housing

  • Aventi

  • Avinor – Made in Norway

  • Better

  • Bistro in Vitro

  • BySpire

  • Climate-KIC

  • Depict

  • DronePlan

  • Ducky

  • Enerstena Group

  • EsteQ

  • eSmart Systems

  • Eyecheck Systems

  • Fácil

  • Ferentis


  • Geoconsult

  • Girl Geek Dinner Oslo

  • Grit Solution

  • Hidlock

  • Hjemmelegene

  • HoPro

  • HP Norge

  • Hy5

  • IBM

  • iGem UiO

  • IndigoLemon

  • Intelligent Systems

  • Impact Reality


  • Innovation Norway

  • Inven2

  • ISS

  • KAIST – HUBO Robot

  • Kongsberg Space & Defence

  • Lion Healthcare

  • Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA)

  • Listen

  • Makeadrone

  • Maria Amelie – Alt eller ingenting

  • Maritime Robotics

  • Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania

  • NCE Media Bergen

  • Netlife Research

  • NHO

  • Nord

  • Norgenotech

  • Northern Company

  • Nortura

  • Norway Healt Tech

  • Norwegian Industrial Property Office

  • Norwegian Space Centre

  • NRK

  • Omnicibus


  • Oslo & Akershus University of Applied Sciences

  • Otivio

  • Philosofie

  • Plaato

  • Powel

  • Prediktor Medical

  • Pointmedia

  • PubGene

  • ReWalk

  • Safety365

  • Saga Robotics

  • Samsung

  • Sensible4

  • ShareBox


  • SpermVital

  • Stargate Media

  • Startup Israel

  • Startup Lab

  • Soft-Ox

  • Tarpon Solar

  • Tekna

  • Telenor

  • The Research Council of Norway

  • The Simula Garage

  • Toyota

  • Trace

  • UiO

  • Urban Cultivator

  • Uzupis Creative Cluster

  • VR Oslo

  • Vildeta

  • Visualiz

  • Xvision

  • ZEISS Microscopy

Want to exhibit?

If you are working on innovative solutions within a field of this years program topics we invite you to apply for a stand at Cutting Edge 2017. Topics: Future Food, Enhancing HumansSpace, Brain & Aging, Health & Medtech, Energy & Cleantech, Smart Cities & Transport, Digital Life.

Avinor – Made in Norway

Cutting Edge is collaborating with Avinor – Made in Norway. They want to showcase 5 companies registered in the Made in Norway portal. Are you working on a project that can benefit Norway in the future? Register your contribution for a chance to stand with Avinor – Made in Norway at the Cutting Edge Expo!

Apply to Avinor – Made in Norway here
Registration ends the 21st of August.


Apply for a stand at Cutting Edge Expo 2017

5 reasons to exhibit

1. Build your brand

Be part of a unique event dedicated to science, technology and innovation. Use this platform to increase your name recognition and strengthen your image side by side with the foremost organisations and research communities in Norway. You have the opportunity to generate publicity and enhance your profile as a trusted innovative brand.

2. Enhance your knowledge

Enjoy unprecedented access to great scientific and technical content, workshops and debates. Discover valuable new ideas, market research, industry trends and knowledge to give your company a competitive edge.

3. Fresh faces

Tired of seeing the same people at the same conferences all the time? The Cutting Edge audience is quite diverse and consists of a great blend of scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, tech enthusiasts, leaders in high-tech companies, product developers, designers, engineers, students, decision makers from the public sector and many more. Meeting new prospects and engaging face to face is also the fastest way to build relationships.

4. Keep up on industry trends

Get an overview of key players and technology developers not only in your own field, but interdisciplinary.

5. Take advantage of international media coverage

Not only the 1400 plus visitors are interested in new technologies, new trends, and new opportunities – the media representatives reporting live on location are as well. This is a unique chance for you as an exhibitor to draw the attention of the press to your innovations and solutions.


Cutting Edge Expo Photo Gallery