How to Build Your Own Satelite

Satellites are not that difficult to build! Join this session to learn more about how the Norwegian space education industry use off-the-shelf technology to build simple, but yet complete, satellite system and ground station, and how easy it is for you to build one at home.

Chrono-Cyborgology - Chris Dancy

Understand choice and time in the upcoming decade without an interface and learn how to use technology to hack the perception of love and time.

Contemplative Technology - Chris Dancy

Combat the onslaught of digital overload and learn how to use technology more ethically and mindfully.

Renewing Norwegian Industry - SIRIUS

The oil price shock in 2014 has radically changed the outlook and challenges for Norwegian industry. We have to change the way we work so that the existing oil and gas clusters can maintain skills and competiveness. We also need to transfer the world-class skills and tools in the oil and gas sector to build new businesses in healthcare, environmental technology and high-technology. This workshop will explore how digitalisation and transformed work practices can bring about these changes.

We will present perspectives on how digitalisation can be made to work in industrial contexts and have an open discussion on how large industrial firms, SMEs and academics can work together to ensure that digitalisation delivers what it promises.

This workshop will also include the launch of the SIRIUS Innovation Forum. This forum aims to provide a meeting place for researchers and practitioners of digital industry. It is run by the SIRIUS Centre for Scalable Data Access in the Oil and Gas Domain.

Practical Tools for the Future of Work - Huddly &

You don’t have to be in the office to be productive and have your daily meetings. With a simple setup and the right cloudbased tools it’s possible to become a remote working ninja! Join this workshop to leave Cutting Edge with a list of the best tools for a smooth soft/hardware setup for your space, wherever that might be.

Build Your Own Chatbot - IBM

Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Come to our hands-on Bluemix workshop, customized for you as a developer, tech enthusiast or just you who want to learn how easy it is it build apps in the new digital era with IBM Watson!

During the 2 hour workshop, we will introduce you to our innovation platform, IBM Bluemix, where the magic happens. With over 140 different services, from infrastructure-as-a-service to cognitive services and APIs, it allows you to make the newest and coolest apps on the market today. We will show you how to make your own chatbot! We will add some other exciting Watson capabilities to the app as well.

Come and join us for a hands-on workshop with IBM Watson!

The Power of Visualization in R&D - Kirt + Thomsen

The products and services of the future tend to be complex, transdisciplinary, and involve many different stakeholders. Visualization tools can strengthen and structure R&D processes by creating joint images between the different people involved in the innovation process. The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with inspiration on how different visualization tools can be used to structure complex innovation processes. Through the workshop, participants will get insight into the wealth of opportunities, which present themselves through a structured approach to working with visualization.