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OCT 18th @Oslo Science Park

Welcome Speech

The Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg will deliver a welcome speech and open the 2016 festival.

Electric Superbikes

Sustainable power for all? Carpoint Norway will showcase Eva & Ego – the first electric motorcycles in Norway. They are made in Italy by Energica Motor Company with 136 hp & maximum speed of 240 km/h! Which of your friends want to turn on the gas when we try to exceeds to 220 km/h indoors?

Opening Hours

We are open from 09:00 – 21:00


The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals (TEKNA) will have a debate about how to build a Life Science Industry in Norway. In the panel among others you will see Anita Krohn Traaseth, CEO Innovation Norway and Ole Kristian Hjelstuen, CEO Inven2.

Using Zebrafish to Understand and Treat Epilepsy

Camila Vicencio Esguerra from the University of Oslo will talk about how visualizing seizures in a 4 day-old zebrafish can help scientist find a cure for epilepsy.

Workshop - DIY Antibiotics

Showing the process as well as the outcomes of the ongoing Discover It Yourself Antibiotics project with Waag Society. The activity will show how people with any background can contribute to antibiotics research.

Come Try the Whiplash 360 VR Chair

As seen at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2016 this fully 4D immersive installation from VISYON is coming to Oslo. Be sure to try it! The chair is able to generate 360 degrees three-dimensional movements on two axes which are synced with 360 video content in order to offer a fully immersive 4D installation.

Space Tech to Non-Space

ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) aims to inspire and facilitate the use of space technology, systems and know-how for non-space applications. So come hear their Head of Technology Transfer, Frank Salzgeber talk about everything besides space.

Gene Editing with CRISPR

Is genome editing a game changer? Are designer babies a real possibility now? What are the possibilities CRISPR/Cas9 opens us to? Will this rapid biotechnological development swipe us off our feet? Sigrid Bratlie Thoresen will take us through this during Cutting Edge. 

Medical Transportation System

Antibiotic-resistant infections and highly infectious diseases like Ebola have challenged the health care system worldwide, EpiShuttle is an innovative medical isolation and transportation system designed for optimal safety and numerous treatment options during patient loading and transport. The unit is a one-patient isolator made of rigid solvent resistant materials for strength and durability.

VR Tour of the New, Un-Opened Terminal at Oslo Airport

We shot a special VR tour of the new terminal at Oslo Airport Gardermoen with Adapa360º. The footage will be shown at Cutting Edge Festival 2016 so make sure to be there and get an exclusive preview. The new terminal is scheduled to open April 27 2017.

Self Driving Cars

The world’s biggest large-scale pilot project in autonomous driving.

Volvo will be testing its autonomous driving system, Drive Me, in its hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden in 2017. Come hear all about it from Shilan Demir – Program Manager Autonomous Drive, Volvo Car Group.

Living Cells ‘Hacked’ and Hijacked by MIT

MIT biological engineers from Voigt Lab have created a programming language that allows them to rapidly design complex, DNA-encoded circuits that give new functions to living cells. Using this language, anyone can write a program for the function they want and then generate a DNA sequence that will achieve it. It is literally a programming language for bacteria! Alec Nielsen will tell you more about this in his talk.

Blockchain & Bitcoin

Do you want to decrypt all the confusion around cryptocurrency? What is the fuss all about and is this the future of money? Torbjørn Bull Jenssen from Menon Economics will give you the need – to – know about what makes Bitcoin different and how it can influence society. 

Matchmaking - Science Meets Industry

Are your company looking for new possibilities? Would you like to get in contact with research groups at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital and look at possibilities for cooperation? Inven2 can help you make this happen. At the Cutting Edge festival we are facilitating 1-1 meetings between academia and industry.

Try out tech at the Cutting Edge Expo

Try a fully 4D immersive installation

Walk around in VR with Wizdish

Fly a drone with your mind

Try making you own drone or hovercraft!

Henning made a world record at Cutting Edge last year with his monster drone. This year you can experience the same technology in a smaller scale. Niklas has developed his own DIY hovercraft kit and will teach you how to build one during a two hour lecture. The boys will also hold an innovative drone demonstration.   

Expect lots of technological fun at Cutting Edge this year!


The cognitive era – Answering questions before they’re even asked

New way to live. New way to do business. New way to be human and take care of the world. We create a staggering amount of information: formulas, tweets, field notes, legal opinions, photos. But the programmable computers of the past couldn’t make sense of all that information. Cognitive systems like IBM WatsonTM can.

That lets us do things we’ve never done before. Overcome obstacles that used to stop us. Spot diseases before patients display symptoms. Predict trends before they’re trending. Answer questions before they’re even asked.

VR as a Platform to Drive Social Innovation

VR as a perfect bridge to bring us together through social innovation, academia and storytelling projects.

In Pere Perez´s talk he will bring up amongst other case studies, Visyon’s “A Walk Through Dementia” project for Alzheimer Research UK, detailing how it was staged and it’s effectiveness in educating people dealing with patients of dementia.


Will Norway ever recover? If we had discovered oil in the North Sea today would we be able to realize it? 

About 40 years ago Norway did not have oil or gas. When it was discovered in the Norwegian territory, nobody had any idea what to do with it. Today it is the biggest industry in Norway. Do we have the right culture for innovation? Are we clueless about what to do with our science resources today? We have to be able to turn small ventures into new industries. How?

Join the University of Oslo in a debate at 17:30

First Prototype of a Revolutionary Fisheye Lens

A special press release and announcement only at Cutting Edge!

One of our exhibitours Entaniya will show their first prototype of the revolutionary super wide angle fisheye BlackMagic lens. The extraordinarily wide lens angles at 220, 250 and 280 and allows you to take unique wide-angle pictures. More info and the details about the design of BM Lens are going to be announced in October.

Why All the Fuss About MOF?

Metal organic frameworks can change the energy sector – that´s why. The University of Oslo has developed the MOFs UiO66 and UiO67 to address some of the main global challenges humanity face today such as safer and more efficient separation, storing, and transportation of gases, efficient dehydration of natural gas, more energy efficient cooling and safer pharmaceutical drug delivery. ProfMOF AS is aiming to create a production process that is cost efficient and environmentally friendly on an industrial scale. Meet them at Cutting Edge – they are looking for partners from all parts of the value chain.