About the Expo

At the Cutting Edge Expo you get to see handpicked projects, businesses and people of special interest.

The faire reflects the festival program where we present hot topics and trends that are already fundamentally shaping our future (or will be very soon). You get to try them out here live!


Adapa Trino took a tour of the festival venue at Oslo Science Park with the festival manager Kremena Tosheva. See our 360 video here and hear more about what we are looking for in exhibitors and what spaces we have available. If you are a sponsor or a speaker this video will give you more information on the event as well. 

5 reasons to exhibit

1. Build your brand

Be part of a unique event dedicated to science, technology and innovation. Use this platform to increase your name recognition and strengthen your image side by side with the foremost organisations and research communities in Norway. You have the opportunity to generate publicity and enhance your profile as a trusted innovative brand.

2. Enhance your knowledge

Enjoy unprecedented access to great scientific and technical content, workshops and debates. Discover valuable new ideas, market research, industry trends and knowledge to give your company a competitive edge.

3. Fresh faces

Tired of seeing the same people at the same conferences all the time? The Cutting Edge audience is quite diverse and consists of a great blend of scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, tech enthusiasts, leaders in high-tech companies, product developers, designers, engineers, students, decision makers from the public sector and many more. Meeting new prospects and engaging face to face is also the fastest way to build relationships.

4. Keep up on industry trends

Get an overview of key players and technology developers not only in your own field, but interdisciplinary.

5. Take advantage of international media coverage

Not only the 500 plus visitors are interested in new technologies, new trends, and new opportunities – the media representatives reporting live on location are as well. This is a unique chance for you as an exhibitor to draw the attention of the press to your innovations and solutions.

Cutting Edge Cred Ørjan kvalheim 62


1 Forskningsrådet
5 UiO Livsvitenskapsbygget
6 Mars-One
7 NordicNeuroLab
8 Norsk Romsenter
9 University of Osaka
10 Forzasys (Simula)
11 MakingView
12 BitRaf
13 Nammo
15 ShareMy3D
16 Someone.IO
17 Sonen IFI – megakopter
18 nLink
19 One Earth Desings
20 Vitas
21 Cammo
22 CINPLA på IBV/IFI (UIO) / Neuronify
24 Antagonist
25 Vivalabs
26 Tekna
27 FlowMotion Technologies
28 IS-gruppen UIO
29 Krillbite
30 Bubbly
31 IBM
32 Omni
34 Eventeye
35 Simula Research

Cutting Edge Expo Photo Gallery