The Norwegian biotech company Ultimovacs AS aims to develop a therapeutic cancer vaccine based on cutting edge research from Oslo University Hospital and the University of Oslo. This is an innovative and modern cancer treatment, where the vaccine stimulates your own immune system to recognize, attack and kill cancer cells, also called immunotherapy. The vaccine has fewer side effects than traditional methods for cancer treatment like chemotherapy. It does not only slow down the developement of the illness, but it also provides a long lasting effect.

Lab photo of Øyvind Kongstun Arnesen (Photo: Ultimovacs)

The vaccine developed by Ultimovacs is intended for the treatment of most types of cancers. That’s why the international market potential for this type of cancer vaccine is huge! And so is the potential value of the company: In January 2015 it was priced at 320 million NOK (about 41 million USD), with Inven2 as one of its largest shareholders.
Two clinical trials of the vaccine were started in 2013 (prostate cancer and lung cancer). The studies have so far given very encouraging results.

But what does it take to bring cutting edge research from the lab to the market? “Pessimism is a key success factor in building a small biotech”, says Øyvind K. Arnesen, CEO Ultimovacs. Rather surprising, we think, when this fantastic startup gives us all so much reason to be optimistic!

Øyvind Arnesen, CEO of Ultimocacs (Photo: Ultimovacs and Blå Design)

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