PROGRAM 2019, 24 OCT 2019






“Make your own IOT device” by Contrary IO

Ever wondered how hardware products are made and how to instruct them what to do?

Marius Heier, founder & CTO in Contrary IO will give you a brief introduction into how electronics are made and how new programming languages like Micropython are breaking the barriers for hardware makers across the globe by practical demonstration.


Marius Heier
Co-Founder & CTO


Participants will be able to work alongside Marius, making their own IOT device using a ready-made kit manufactured by Contrary IO in their garage workshop.


To get the most out of the workshop, please bring your own laptop and a standard power-bank (w/ usb cable) if you happen to carry one! There’s limited power-banks available.



Why do hardware products end up traveling all around the globe before reaching you?

That very question lit a spark in the founders of Contrary IO –a new hardware manufacturer with high ambitions. From a garage outside of Lillestrøm, Marius and Vilje are changing how electronics are made and manufactured. They are establishing the first(?) commercial microfactory for electronics in Norway, leading up to a modern industrial adventure with a local twist.

WORKSHOP TWO, 13:30 – 15:30, HAGEN 3

“How to build wind turbines” by INSJ UiO & Dutch Wavemakers

DOB-Academy @ Cutting Edge Festival 2019

DOB-Academy offers offshore energy education for professionals. Our main focus lies on training courses, ranging from standard training courses to tailor-made training courses. Next to that, we organise and participate in seminars to enhance knowledge sharing. Our training courses are known for their interactive serious games.

We would like to invite the visitors of the ‘Cutting Edge Festival’ to take part in two of our serious games.


Elena Stroo-Moredo
Teacher & cource coordinator

Niek Meurs


1. The rotor game – during this game you will design, build and test your own rotor. With just a few sheets of paper, a pair of scissors and some tape you are challenged to make blades for a wind turbine that can generate enough lift to make the rotor spin. Your design will be tested on a scale model turbine and the power output will be measured. Will your design make you the winner of the day? 
2. The sea fastening game – sea fastening is an essential part of transport and installation of offshore wind turbines. It needs to be strong enough to withstand all loads from the components and the movements of the vessels. Yet re-usability and flexibility are important parameters as well. Can you design and build a strong and re-usable sea fastening structure for 6 monopiles and 6 transition pieces? We will test your design in a water basin and see if it can withstand the forces of the sea.


ABOUT Elena Stroo-Moredo

Elena Stroo-Moredo MSc. has over a decade of experience in teaching, research and course development in the field of Maritime Technology. At Delft University of Technology she worked as a researcher and teacher for over 6 years. Her research focused on life cycle analysis of vessels as well as on optimisation of the design process using Systems Engineering, her research papers have been published in scientific journals and at international conferences. After her time at the university, she started working at the branch organisation for the Dutch shipbuilding industry (Netherlands Maritime Technology) as training manager. She was responsible for the entire (technical) training course curriculum of the organisation. More than a year ago she joined DOB-Academy. At DOB-Academy she is both a course coordinator and a teacher.

ABOUT Niek Meurs

Niek Meurs MSc. is a researcher at DOB-Academy and holds a master’s degree in transport and logistics. For his studies he has worked together with the Delft University of Technology and the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands for an integrated design of offshore maintenance operations. After graduating Niek has worked as a technical advisor, creating an educational programme to train Russian mechanics in building the first Russian wind turbines. He is currently working on an innovative offshore wind turbine in the North Sea. In this role, he is working together with Heerema and Van Oord for the first offshore installation and decommissioning project with the innovative slip-joint technology.