Do you wish your home was smarter? Don´t worry, you don´t have to build a new house, you can make it smarter by using smart plugs from Viva Labs. They are a young Norwegian startup with ambition to change the way we interact with our home. They will give you controll of all your lights and devices right on your smartphone. And they do a lot more than this: The Viva Labs system monitors your routines with sensors, learns them, and automatically adjusts lights and heating adapted to your needs. Viva has also included cameras in their do-it-yourself statup kit, giving you the basis to install a home security system. You can add more components according to your needs.viva_smartkit_681
Viva Labs makes your house smater (Photo:

By installing cameras in your home, you can keep an eye on things when you are away, and receive alarms if the system detects any suspicious activity. And the really smart thing is that Viva knows when you’re home, thanks to the GPS features in the mobile app. This greatly simplifies the management of the security system, avoiding false alarms and forgotten codes.

Henrik Holen is one of the founders of Viva Labs, and is in charge of marketing, sales, design, UX, logistics, HR and tons of other stuff at Viva. Previously he was head of marketing at Opplysningen 1881, Norway’s leading online information serviceprovider. Today he has one of the smartest homes in Norway.

Viva Labs are now making progress in their market development. With products soon ready to ship to the Scandinavian markets they are exploring different market channels and gathering customer response.
“We’re very excited to be able to launch the system with a partner now,” says Holen.
“We think it´s a way to really disrupt that old version of how you interact with our home security where you have to press buttons, it beeps, it sounds scary, and you have to run out of your house.”

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