A revolutionary sun-powered grill that requires no fuel, heats up quick, is fast to cleanup and has no emissions whatsoever! A campers dream-come-true! But the company behind SolSource, One Earth Designs will not stop at that.

What makes SolSource unique is it´s reflector technology that concentrates sunlight at 92% efficiency in order to heat the cookware to grilling temperature in minutes. SolSource is used to grill and fry on sunny days and on cloudy days it can be used for smoking fish and meats.

SolSource is used to grill and fry on sunny days (Photo: oneearthdesigns)

Solar energy is the light that travels from the Sun to the Earth. We can think of that light as made up of many parallel rays. Using solar energy is a matter of gathering the rays of light and converting them into a form of energy we can apply to our lives.

When you hear about solar energy, you often think of solar panels. These are common devices that absorb light and convert it to electricity. Solar panels produce an useful form of energy, but only about 15% of the light rays that strike a solar panel are converted to electricity. SolSource is different. SolSource works by collecting rays of light and converting them into heat for cooking. Light bounces off of the reflective panels and onto the base of the cookware, where it is absorbed as heat. By converting directly to heat instead of electricity, SolSource can be very efficient. More than 90% of the light that strikes the SolSource panels is converted into heat.

A parabola’s unique shape has a slope that is proportional to the distance from the center. This means the further from the center a light ray strikes the parabola, the narrower its incident angle, and the broader its change in direction when it is reflected. In this way, all the light rays get reflected back to a single point. All solar energy that strikes SolSource’s reflector is thus collected at a single point where it heats your cookware.

SolSource works by collecting rays of light and converting them into heat for cooking (Photo: oneearthdesigns)

One Earth Designs found its beginnings in a humble home in the Himalayas. Since then, the company has grown to have customers in 58 countries and to receive several awards.

From the hands of low-income families in China the SolSource is now finding it´s way into the BBQ, camping and disaster preparedness markets globally with the hope in the future to be able to reduce prices for their low-income customers in the developing world. Since the technology harnesses an enourmous amount of energy cooking with the SolSource is just the begining.

Watch the talk from Cutting Edge 2015 below.